Godt Nytår – 🇩🇰 and Good Bye Copenhagen

In a word – Bonkers.

But it takes a lot more words to explain how truly I feel about Copenhagen. We came to experience a New Year’s Eve in another capital city. Boy did we get that. It was bonkers, but the best type of bonkers.

We chatted to a waiter yesterday about the fireworks at the City Hall and he expressed concern that we had been there. Saying that he had always been warned away from the event as there have been many serious injuries over the years. I can well believe it given our experience, BUT, there is danger in many things and risk is of our own making or taking. I feel there has been a shrinking away for many years back home from risk taking and am not wholly behind the state on “Nanny”. Too much emphasis has shifted away from the individual decision making process. I think risk and caution should measured by each of us. More now than ever before I am of the mind that the saying works – “One life, Live it!”

Time now ahead the challenge and what I can make of it. That clock is ticking. My wallet reminder!

I am not going to single out anything to list highlights of this trip. Nothing negative to say either, if I have had any I’ve already mentioned them.

A final breakfast in the Imperial Hotel, final packing and away from the hotel at midday, a 50 metre or stroll to Versaport Railway Station one stop to Nørreport metro station and down a couple of escalators and a short metro train ride to the airport. So easy and easier than our arrival journey, but we have learnt a bit about the transport system since our arrival.

Spent our last 200 krone in a bottle of the Danish hooch and some biscuits. A final drink in Joe and The Juice to bookend a great adventure.

That’s me, over and out of Copenhagen!


Wonderful, Wonderful, Copenhagen.

5 days I think is the minimum for a European city break given our experiences this week. It has been by the most part full on and a great experience. OK we were lazy on New Year’s day and to be honest today is going to be a relaxed affair. No particular plans we’ll go off piste and see where the afternoon takes us.

On a mission! Having said it would be off piste he neglected to say that I had decided to revisit the bike shop we had past a few days ago as I liked it for one and would have liked to have had a walk round. Also the make their own bikes there it I thought it’d be nice to watch a bit and maybe chat. Finally I had seen something I quite fancied and if not too expensive I’d buy. Well it was off piste and the piste was on my fire of desire to visit. “Shop closed till Sunday!” That dealt a negative blow, but would not mar my views of Copenhagen! Ha ha.

I have to settle for a picture of the item I wanted, can you guess what it is?

Last day, where to next. Well we meandered through a couple of nice Design/Furniture stores. Cos we like that sort of stuff and you will know that IF you have been reading about the trip. We stopped to buy a couple of postcards and I found the facade of the shop interesting. It had by the looks been a book shop, now it mainly sold pens and stationary. The photo I took I’ve since cropped to highlight the masonry work. Bookends carved into stone, nice, might not be everyone’s cuppa tea but it’s my blog and so……..

Routes are now all too familiar and we end up in Nyhavn at the side of the canal and what better to do, take a boat trip. An hour around the harbour and canals. A different perspective of Copenhagen from that of the week thus far.

It is a pretty little section of Copenhagen for sure. The boats are very low lying in the water so they can navigate the bridges.

So now a series of shots from the boat…..

Now it’s at this point I felt let down as I in turn may let my loyal reader down! All the chatter from our guide was in Danish, yes boo, I agree. So I’ll do my best. Pic 1 The Royal Danish Opera Hus. Pic 2 your guess is as good as mine. But I might revert later with a bit of research, if I can be bothered. Pic 3 we visited this on the way to the Danish Design Museum and I deleted all the text, so you ain’t getting to know about this one either cos I’m still smarting over that debacle. Pic 4 HUGE brick building, the type I like with a massive tiled roof over. Your living my life don’t forget when you the reader gets this far!

Well what happened next was, Danish non English speaking man got the boat to hover in front of The Little Mermaid and I took this picture.

Now if I’d have been to Copenhagen for a short visit I would feel cheated, me taking photos if tourists taking photos if me taking photos if The Little Mermaid. Not exclusive and if that was all the boat trip was about I’d be livid. But it wasn’t and we did get some nice pictures earlier in the week. Hope you agree.

Further series are, Pic 1 again don’t speak Danish but believe distant bank (zoom in on pic) Danish Admiralty Buildings and war ships, Pic 2 ditto but more boats and a submarine “out of water!” and Pic3 opera house long shot.

Opera hus up close, beautiful building.

Christiania canal and area.

Also Christiania and a different perspective from a photo I took earlier and included in blog of the day.

We left Christiania area behind and entered the main waterway again.

Before entering a canal in the North bank and passed by the Royal Palace and eventually back into Nyhavn and the following series covers this section of the boat trip.

My commentary may have been a bit flippant at points but only in jest. The boat trip was great and although we froze having sat out on deck it was worth it. It made our saunter along the canal side after looking for a place for a place to warm somewhat laboured through cold joints! Ha ha. The “Gløgg” (mulled wine) that I had made up for the cold as did Denise’s hot chocolate. The apple pie and cream nailed a perfect last afternoon in Copenhagen.

Our walk back was now I’m the cold a bit of a trudge as we had by the most part trod the paths we were now on a few times this trip.

Back at the hotel we warmed our cold souls before heading out for supper. A return to a restaurant we enjoyed on Sunday last.

As I sit in Fridas after a delicious meal and Level 42 hits out over the speakers in the background, this along with many other British music. How our European neighbours embrace us, speak our language and yet we wish to cast them aside! Tonight has been a treat a step into a timeless happiness, families, friends and a groups of men one lot playing cards, all in a friendly local Danish restaurant. The food is honesty on a plate. Pickled herring, both of us with a variation. Denise liver, mushrooms, bacon and a sauce. (I had it the first visit, delicious) for me Wienerschnitzel, enough said. Just take a trip to Copenhagen and visit Fridas and enjoy a Friday night with the locals.

I shall be content in the knowledge we gave our visit to Copenhagen our best. Venturing out as much as we could and although I doubt I shall return I can say you are Wonderful Copenhagen.

Day 3 of 2019 Copenhagen to Malmo Sweden

Wasn’t totally convinced we should make today’s excursion.

So after another enjoyable breakfast to see us through the day provided by the Imperial Hotel. Slight distraction now – I have not mentioned how great the variation of breakfast has been available to us from pickled herring (definitely a fan), cold meats, cheeses, pastries, cereals, fresh fruit, yogurts, bread/rolls, hard boiled and soft boiled eggs, Danish bacon (crisp and goes quick so you have to time your run, ha ha) Sausage, oh and scrambled egg that is “different!” Are some of the choices thrown our way. New Year’s Day champagne and smoked salmon were also to enjoy. So well done Imperial Hotel.

We headed off.

Down to the central railway station and tickets bought for the coach to Malmo. We had planned coach there train back. Unlike the rail where journeys are booked mainly only one way, not seemingly the case with the coach! Hey ho, not a problem as the cost approximately £10 each return could mean we might jump a train if we wanted to stay later than 04:15 hours.

I do like Copenhagen railway station it’s roof is vast and a lovely structure.

I have to mention that yesterday we turned on the tv as we got back to our hotel and whilst we could not understand the language we could see there had been a tragedy on the railway, several lives lost in bad weather during the morning. A sad day for Denmark and our thoughts were for those poor souls who had lost their lives and those who had suffered in the incident.

Our coach departed at 11:15 am and sped towards the tunnel and bridge across the channel between Denmark and Sweden. Part of the Baltic Sea, I would not wish to take a swim in this water! We passed through the suburbs of Copenhagen before stopping at the airport to pick one further passenger, making a staggering six in total! Not a small coach, an elongated one at that.

Then back onto the highway and into the tunnel soon after. Rising out some distance on we made the main span of the bridge with awesome views both sides. Here’s a few but through the coach windows does not do it justice.

Malmo suburbs, unlike Copenhagen, had had houses as we approached compared to the apartment blocks of Copenhagen. Yes it did give way to apartments more so but closer into the city. Malmo is the third largest city in Sweden. The lovely blue skies of the days only drawback was the cold that came with it. It was bitter but I’ve known worse.

Ah out of order this bit just remembered. Crossing the border. The driver pulled through the toll and made over to an area for customs saying “please make your passports available for when I stop”. He stopped a guard approached his window then walked down the outside of the coach as the driver pulled away saying in an amused tone “no checks today”. We smiled at each other. “Freedom of movement” I said, yes and what a damn awful issue many in the UK seem to make of it. Most know my views and I am ashamed that the electorate had this as, and still does, high up on reasons to leave the EU. I am so angry about the situation but hey not now!

We were dropped in a large square area of the city and advised of two times for pick up. We would take the second and later time. Denise had researched the places to visit here more than I, although I had taken an overview on the map (google that is) so I had an idea of direction to head. We walked from the square intact shopping street towards the sea and docks. The walk took us into another square bounded by banks and hotels, with clearly a stage set in the middle of the square, no doubt set for the Christmas and New Year revelling. There was a similarity of form and style to that of Copenhagen.

It was for sure the coldest day on our trip so far with a “feels like” temperature of -4 degrees. Leaving the square behind we head towards the Railway station and docks. Passing a florist, I’m not usually taken by floral displays, but found the way they had dressed the front of their shop somewhat appealing to me.

Very seasonal don’t you think. There was a canal before the station which we crossed, taking us past the large brick building and station entrance. On now to one of the dock areas that had been modernised and the surrounding area of urbanised landscape was an open usable space.

I know I’ve already mentioned how cold it was before but it sure was and it was time to seek refuge over a cup of coffee. Which we did in “Wayne’s Cafe” nice cuppa and soon warm again we were off and heading to the Malmöhus Castle through another area of modern flats and buildings.

The castle and grounds, well fortifications reminded me again of the Prince Philippe fortifications we had experienced in France. The shape on plan is quite distinct and common I guess of that time in world history. It is as the website states the oldest Scandinavian renaissance castle remaining. For more details and definitely worth a visit should any of my readership choose to visit Malmo here’s a link


Inside the castle area there’s a modern building that houses a museum too. Perhaps if we ever revisited Malmö we could take a look.

There was a relief map in bronze of the old town and fortifications, quite impressive don’t you think.

Our walk continued around the outside and into a park area where we sat and ate our shared open Danish sandwich overlooking the lake. We had passed an old restored windmill within the grounds of the park and the Botanic Gardens too.

Our day was not fully over as we walked back towards the square where we had been dropped off with time to spare again we sheltered from the cold in a cafe before a final trott around some of the nearby shops and other areas of the city. We found another square and a courtyard off where a Design Museum was housed, sadly time now was not with us or we’d have taken a look. We had visited a furniture store during this latter part of our walk and noted some very nice pieces.

Time now ticking we returned to meet the coach. A few pictures of the square.

Malmö a picturesque Swedish City an enjoyable day was had an addition to our stay in Copenhagen. A smorgasbord of Scandinavian style, tradition and modernisation.

The journey back saw a breathtaking sunset but sadly the pictures through the coach window do no justice.

After brief rest in our room we sought our penultimate evening meal in a Danish restaurant called “Puk”. We have enjoyed the food here and tried to seek traditional Danish food whenever the opportunity lay before us. Tonight I think gave us traditional on a plate. I did chuckle at the menu when listed under “Snacks” alongside, olives, nuts and chips was “Pork Skins”. Had to try and yes you guessed it, Pork Scratchings, Ha ha a flavoursome morsel.

We shared a board of Danish sausages, elevated by the pickles, grain mustard, piccalilli and rye bread. Following for Denise, Danish meatballs (frikadella) and boiled potatoes which she thoroughly enjoyed. For me boiled cod, a mustard sauce, finely chopped onion pickle,pickled beetroot, bacon lardons and boiled potatoes. Yes a tasteful and honest food, not flash just nice. Chocolate cake rounded it for Madam and smorgasbord of Danish cheese for Sir with a wash of red wine. Boom, slowly we walked home the kilometre to lay to rest a hearty meal.

We are really enjoying the Scandinavian experiences. I think a relaxing day lays ahead of us before our journey home on Saturday.

Day 2 of 2019 in Copenhagen

Well compared to New Year’s Day this morning was surprisingly snappy and out reasonably sharpish. The areas and routes are now a little more familiar and didn’t need a map until within approximately 200 meters of our destination. “The Workers Museum” is just a short walk from the markets we had visited on our first day. We also meandered through halls 1 & 2 again today. Mouth-wateringly gorgeous looking foods on display. We avoided temptation and made for the museum.

The first area we walked through was in the basement, a visiting exhibit about working with our hands and it’s importance within any society. The need to train, gain skills and to be justly rewarded. It was interesting and hands on in places, quite fun to be honest. We inadvertently took the displays in reverse order, not everything had English sub text, me excuse.

Our first hands on experience, should have been the last and easy to understand its symbolism. “The Deal” three ropes connected at points of an equilateral triangle hung from pulleys with the ropes tied in such a way to a hammer. The hammer then could be raised over a large nail in the centre of the bas of the triangle. The nail could be raised and the objective to work together to nail the deal. Ha ha great idea. I took two ropes as I could reach, just. Denise the third and between us raised and lowered the hammer onto the nail head and slowly tapping it home. Sounds easy and it did become so. If though three people had the ropes the deal would surely have been harder to strike. Great for anyone, but what a way of demonstrating teamwork to kids. Coordination and negotiations requires give and take by all.

Our next task was that of simply driving a nail into wood. Yes it’s easy, but it’s not easy if you are unpracticed and wish to drive it home with a few blows as possible. If you miss, as I did, you can ruin a good job leaving a moon or half moon indent in the Wood. Denise never slipped once from each strike but took more strikes, good job. So I had two more goes and as with all tasks, the more practice the better you become. It’s all simple stuff but nice that such exhibitions are available for all to be reminded.

There was also an area where numerous materials were suspended in boxes to feel. It being important to touch and understand the materials you are to deal or work with.

“Clever Hands” exhibition – https://www.arbejdermuseet.dk/en/whats-on/exhibitions/clever-hands/

The main museum took us through mainly the industrial revolution through to today and the workers conditions, the formation of trade unions and workers rights in Denmark. No different experience to that of any industrial based nation, taking its growth and development from an agricultural heritage.

Also areas were given over to showing how workers have lived in the past century and improvements in working and living conditions. Civil rights leaders were highlighted throughout an enlightening experience but similarities to our own history and exhibits I have experienced within Museums in our home nations. One particular cabinet housed a banner from their first protest to gain, and did so, an Eight our working day. A written agreement that remains in statute to this day was also on display within together with a broken clog from a worker. Whose accident had brought about further reforms to health and safety at the workplace. Similarities between our two nations and indeed around the world.

Within the upper gallery of the main hall was an exhibition of the artwork, sketches and works of Peter Peitersen. A bricklayer by trade and artist in his own time. The link will take you to some of his work. We both enjoyed various aspects of the many pieces on show and too many to share, so take a look.


The main hall was decorated with carved freezes and in fact the building and hall was the first place the workers/unions had to hold meetings to discuss and debate reforms and actions to be taken. Nelson Mandela had spoken many years back in the hall to an audience of socialists.

Finally an area was set for a children’s museum, the bit I liked the best was the notice that read. Everything within the children’s museum can be touched and used.

I liked the glasses.

Maybe a few presents for family members from the little shop.

If you have an interest in social development, industrial development, societies, socialism and just a fun then there is something at the Danish Workers Museum for you. I know a man who would have loved to have visited here.

Leaving our museum visit behind we head away for a spot of lunch before our second experience of the day. Lunch was pleasant a Danish open sandwich of grilled chicken on rye bread.

In the distance illuminated by the sun is the “Round Tower”

King Christian IV (1577-1648) had the tower built as an observatory, but also the access to be by carriage!

It’s not to tall and it’s nice to walk up.

Great views from the top.

And of course the observatory, we did not have access to this.

The tower is joined to a church at its base.

And to complete the day of images, just a few more shots of buildings as we wended our way back to our hotel. In fact one of the photos portrays many brickwork features and details I mentioned in in an earlier blog post on Copenhagen.

I lied when I said “complete” as there is more! Yes you can’t leave just yet. Feast your eyes on our afternoon break.

Just couldn’t walk past this bakers without trying a Danish cinnamon roll with coffee for me and an hot chocolate for Madam. And now definitely finally we came across a bike maker shop and loved peering in. I might even go back before we leave for another look and go inside because I really did like it.

I just love the mix of wood and metal for a bike. Struggling to work out the link to Cuba as the window display shows.

Another good day in Copenhagen, chilly but nice to have occasional burst of sun.

New Year’s Day Copenhagen

Imperial Hotel Copenhagen notice on arrival – breakfast will be served between 8am and 2pm on New Year’s Day. Seemed like a very long extension at the time of arrival! How wrong I was………

Apart from a very late start which just made breakfast! A walk around the lake in a bitter cold wind, brisk it was to say the least, the sun only peaked over a few of the lower buildings that bound the lake from time to time. The sun made little gain on the feel of the day, cold, but at last dry and by no means overcast. The folk of Copenhagen were out some running, well very few, more walking like us to “freshen our souls following a late night and a very late start. A family with what appeared to be a new puppy passed us on the start of our stroll on the east side of the lake and recognising them on the west, we exchanged a smile as “Mum” crouched over puppy began to scoop it up and place it in her rather large designer leather bag. Her smile I think was pained a little with embarrassment. Maybe the bag was bought for the dog! We’ll never now.

The lake colours changed with gusts of wind creating deeper blues as the gust whipped across its surface. The patches swirled about not knowing their beginning nor their end. Gone before they seemed to appear. Then found again in a place far off. Waterfowl fed not tested at all by the wind, turns and gulls flitting here and there before landing or just flying off to find a better place.

As with everywhere here cycle lanes carry as much right of space to any footpath and to stray from your line you do so at your own peril. Today though a limited number passed by and not even a tinkle of warning sounded from any bike, perhaps we are more alert now. I have strayed a couple of times over the past few days only to be reminded by the sharp clink clink of a bell or two. I did yesterday move sharpish as I crossed perpendicular to the path of an oncoming pair of cyclists, I felt the wooosh of speed behind me as a nimbly exited their space. Thinking phew that was close.

Today no nimble footwork required just a slow sauntering pace. We had past a building twice now, on our first day and today that’s near to the hotel and is called “The Steel House” clad in glass and a prize for the first person to guess. It’s an upmarket hostel and has a cafe for its residents. Also as we established today any patrons welcomed. So we became a patron of the establishment and enjoyed a warming cappuccino each before returning to the Hotel.

Late afternoon followed with more resting and “don’t mention the war!”

The Danish compete with the British for sense of humour, so I’m told and felt you should also know. This morsel of fact brought to mind while scrolling the TV to watch something in English. Thankfully always a good watch. Fawlty Towers.

The excitement and sightseeing has taken it’s toll today. But happy to say we are indeed in “Wonderful, wonderful, Copenhagen…..” Late afternoon eased uneventfully into evening and New Year’s Day, to its end!

Normal service will resume on day two of the New Year.

New Years Eve Copenhagen

How to navigate Copenhagen by train.

Step 1 – when you have a Station directly outside your hotel. Sensible to use it.

Step 2 – obtain ticket, machine not in action for New Year, watch what other people do. Obtain tickets from 7 Eleven kiosk and gain local knowledge. Best you go to the metro station from the train here as the train station is a distance from where you want to go but the metro is better.

Step 3 – go down steps to line and head in the right direction.

Step 4 – arrive at Copenhagen Central Station alight from train and look perplexed! In looking bemused a Danish gentleman approaches asking if we need help. Ah yes you need to go on a different platform and head to the metro. We didn’t let on we had just arrived from the direction he advised we took! We found the platform and so we went back from where we had come and waited until we arrived at the metro linked station!

Step 5 – climb aboard metro train and head to Freetown Christiania. Simple.

My advice is avoid steps 3&4 as you waste approximately 25 minutes! Ha ha well the upside is we are more conversant in the use of both Danish trains and Metro trains.

We headed along a canal side in the general direction, according to a sign just outside the Metro station. A narrower canal and street either side to that experienced yesterday at Nyhavn. Many colourful buildings and a feel of lesser wealth, a more “arty” area. Funny what you lock into when away from home.

A few more streets to zig zag and we arrive at Freetown Christiania.

What an experience this has turned out! A place to say “we did visit Freetown Christiania” but a place that maybe work for those who live there. Street graffiti wherever you look, Walls, sheds, vehicles an avenue of small tables with darkly clothed mainly hoodie jacketed guys selling! Sinister is the feeling, never mixed with drugs in my life and here to either side of us cannabis in block form, leaf, little cup cakes, I’ve joked about trying a piece of cake in the past. Nah, not so sure I could. I started taking a video and noted a guy selling other stuff from within his coat, they out came rolls of notes. Scary and then two or three times being told “no photos” by all I can describe as dodgy looking geezers. We ventured a way around the place, but not the most pleasurable time but an experience worthy of our time. But now we on our toes and out of here.

The other thing that has been happening since we arrived in Copenhagen has been the increasing number of fireworks, bangs in all directions. In Freetown Christiania it was taken to the next level, explosions would better describe the sound. I tried capturing on video but each time I tried it was after a series then a lull and of course missed it each time.

We tracked back a slightly different way and saw a church we had admired at a distance, well it’s spiralling Spire. It’s bells began to chime, oh how nice was the tune it picked out.

We made the metro station with minutes left on our ticket and skipped back one station. Our original intention had been to walk all the way back from the Freetown but the last two days had worn us a bit and we reduced our walk. Back though now through some familiar places and streets always trying different routes which led us to a rather attractive street. To our left and right numerous bars and restaurants with outside covered heated seating. We picked a place called Zalt and ordered our drinks. Just sitting people watching and sending New Year wishes to friends and family. An hour had passed and with a few people around us beginning their early evening meals we were lulled by the pleasant wafts of food so ordered a tapas dish and nachos. Washing it down with a bottle of wine snacking for another hour. We had just finished our food and the young couple next to us struck up a conversation. From Newcastle! As I then went onto explain my connection with the toon. It’s always a pleasure striking up a conversation with complete strangers when away.

We said our goodbyes and settled our bill returning to our hotel room through the noise, ever increasing, of fireworks being set off and so many just straight explosions! There seemed to be a slight reduction around 6pm which coincides with the Danish Queens speech to the nation. Lots more well dressed folks heading to their dinner parties and functions for New Year.

We rested amid a greater rise in noise level all around until 9:45 when we headed to the City Hall. Wow all around fireworks whose intensity never decreasing just kept us looking in all directions. The bars that were only sparsely occupied a few hours ago were now spilling out into the streets. The queue for Tivoli Gardens was lengthening and we were pleased we had decided not to do that.

The City Hall Square in sight and no end of fireworks rising from all directions in and around the crowds. It was only ten o’clock and it had already built to a scale I’d never experienced. People from all walks of life stepping in with their boxes, backpacks with rockets sticking out, carrier bags stuffed with all manner of fireworks. Kids throwing bangers, I say bangers, EXPLOSIVES would better describe them. BOOM. It was bonkers and getting crazier by the minute. A father and his two kids appeared near to us placed his carrier bag down and proceeded to place an oblong box in the road and lit the touch paper, wooosh a series of beautiful fireworks. Then he and his lad walked further up the road with a rocket placing it in an upright tube of a street sign, wooosh again an amazing display and this was happening all around the square and streets around and across the city. Incredible. A family group of young Asians next appeared near to us adding their bit. No bit part for these boys, I think they must have had stun grenades BOOOM and their fireworks just added to the swelling numbers exploding all around.

So here’s the father and son doing there bit.

I don’t think I will be able to load any more videos. I’ll try, but as the time approached 11pm we moved to the corner of the City Hall so we could look back to Tivoli for their display as well as keeping an eye on the public performance behind us in that location. Definitely the right move and nailed the timing. The fireworks in Tivoli Gardens were easy to watch for all without so making the decision not to pay to go in a wise choice. But often our gaze drawn away from Tivoli to what was still going on in the square behind. Fifteen minutes of professional fireworks later, we retraced our steps to take up our previous position to watch what we thought would be maybe another hour of public fireworks, how wrong we were.

Midnight came and went, although the intensity crescendoed around the changing year, it carried on for hours. We departed the square at around twelve twenty to meander our way back to the hotel. Stopping from time to time to take in random fireworks. Crazy guys holding rockets in hand and releasing them that way too! Just a thought for the emergency services who by the judge of sirens blaring all night long were challenged and no doubt some serious injuries encountered sadly. But our memories are of happy fun loving crazy people seeing in a New Year.

Oh one final thing, I had read a traditional task for people was to jump off somewhere for the New Year. Tables, chairs, anything to jump down from and it had included kerbs. So I stopped Denise in her tracks and said watch. I stood on the kerb and jumped, I explained why and Denise took her turn. Moments later two women walked by smiling acknowledgment of our shared success. Ha ha or maybe like us they were visitors and just thought we were mad, who cares, we did it and thank you crazy Danish people for making our New Year quite an experience.

Final video just before entering our hotel at 00:39.

Sunday in Copenhagen

Slept well, breakfasted and first stop the tourist office, then perhaps a few museums. A day of cultural delights, let’s see.

Before I start on today’s trip I woke wondering if I had paid justice to The Little Mermaid in my previous post. To add, she was a gift from brewer Carl Jacobson had seen a ballet based on Hans Christiaan Anderson’s take and had asked the ballerina if she would pose nude for sculpture. She had refused so his wife stepped in. In 1913 she was unveiled in place where she stands to this day. Her head has been removed a few times by vandals and repaired. So there is more of the Mermaid than I also at first knew.

The tourist office is a short walk and having plundered various leaflets we sat and planned the day. A meandering that would take us eventually to the Danish Design Museum. I was a little bit driven to this as my parents had many years ago bought a table and chairs set, mid seventies actually, from what I thought at the time was a Scandinavian furniture store somewhere in the St Johns Wood/Swiss Cottage – Finchley Road area of London. It was always an admired set and when Mum passed away we had to keep it. Allan has come to inherit it and in the process of us cleaning it up for him we found a Danish Furniture manufacturers mark and a little research revealed its true worth! So Allan had better take care of it.

Leaving the tourist office we walked by Tivoli Gardens, a huge show ground/adventure park with amazing rides located in the city. It does look amazing and is hosting a fireworks party on New Years Eve. I didn’t take a photo as we tripped past during the day and here is one from the evening. The entrance gives a little flavour of the treasures inside, if you like that sort of thing. Nice with kids but couldn’t see us doing it this time round.

City Hall was to be our next encounter before the shopping area. Brickwork is the common theme across the city and there are fine examples of its craft. Features including rubbed bricks, quoined openings and corners, moulded patterned and shaped, arched – gothic, shallow and crescent shapes. All manner of details on show if you are of a mind to look. A much less deep but longer brick is formed in Europe. Tremendous large buildings that defy movement joints! Lime mortars the key and actually not so much a key as a separator, hence less movement issues, unlike our British desire for “cement” based mortars! We were once shown the way by our European cousins but alas like now many shun the sharing of good things.

Plenty of shops in Copenhagen and at this time of year most bedecked with decorations that make even a shopping area a happy place for me!

Today mostly I will be doing photos – København Plads next on our walk, that then took us down to the Royal Palace and onto the Canals.

We paused at the canal and plotted the next stage but were taken by the clarity of the water and then spotted figures in the water! A statue or series of. Later research – Agnete and the Merman—a Tale of Love, Loss, and Longing. For those with more interest here is a hyperlink, something I have not tried adding to my blogs in the past for fear that it will take my readership away from me! As I think I might have just on or two regularly reading then it’s a serious concern, ha ha.


The Royal Palace and a Building further south, which I haven’t traced its use, but if you zoom into the tower roof a surprise is at large.

We walked along the canal passing the Danish National Bank, a give away was the level of security around its perimeter. The opposite bank of the waterway had a serious of docks and Old Wharf Buildings, massive brick structures and roofs to suit. My earlier comments apply.

Our side had a mix of old buildings, Hotels and an Art Deco Building now a series of restaurants within which attracted our attention.

DISASTER! In copying and pasting I inadvertently deleted a whole swath of text and photos! Maybe a later update if I can find what I lost. Oh blast.

Do I hear a hurrah from my reader, who numbers one!

The street the Museum is on, but where nearer to the centre, has numerous antique and furniture shops. I can honestly say I can and do drawl over quality items of furniture and I did this early evening stopping at most enviously converting sofas, chairs, desks, tables, hey ho I’ll have to make do with what we have got. “Forget about the price tag” – atrib – Jessie J.

We walked on and entered the Plad we had come across the night before. Then walked through what could best be described as Copenhagens “Harrods”.

Our adventure for today almost over we walked back through a different part of the shopping area cris crossing parts we had seen already until finally passing Tivoli a brief stop for provisions and a rest in our room before finding a place for supper.

Supper, blimey struck lucky “Fridas”, not flash, homely and good honest Danish food. Prawn Cocktail for Denise, same but crab for me. Pork stroganoff was main choice for Denise and Calves liver, onions,mushrooms with a gravy sauce and boiled spuds. Simple but perfect. I could wax lyrical about tonight’s meal. No, just honest proper food, wine and beer. Thankfully only a stroll back around the block to take our tired replete bodies.

Nite, nite friends and Copenhagen.